Economic Growth and Industrial Development Strategies

African economies are implementing various economic growth and industrial development models. Understanding that economic growth models are often complex, it is often useful to isolate the main growth model adopted by a particular country in order to assess its successes so as to enhance the adaptability and applicability of such models by other developing countries. Under this theme we examine the main economic growth and industrial development models adopted, and their respective impacts and outcomes for various economic sectors/activities.

International Trade Policy

African economies are involved in various international trading arrangements, where national governments have made commitments in the WTO Multilateral Trading system regionally through EAC, SADC, ECOWAS, the Tripartite initiative of SADC/EAC/COMESA and the African Continental Free Trade Agreement. Under this theme we analyse the effect of the various trading arrangements on the main economic sectors/activities.

Domestic resource mobilization, public finance and budget advocacy

This theme explores a country’s domestic resource mobilization, i.e. revenue raising capabilities (quantity of tax collected, tax composition-direct vs indirect) and expenditure on pro-poor programs, social sector as well as  access to public services. Tracking and assessing budget priorities based on sector needs and objectives.

Social Impact Development and Analysis

Africa is home to many social impact development interventions across the sectors of Education and Health. There are some good examples of successful impacts that can be shared and adopted as well as scaled across the continent. it is our hope that we can highlight lessons learnt from social impact interventions in order to catalyze the spread of good and viable solutions through impact evaluations.  

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